Oracle Eloqua Service Level Agreement

As a leading provider of marketing automation tools, Oracle Eloqua offers an impeccable service level agreement that promises uninterrupted service delivery to its clients. In this article, we will delve deep into the essential features of the Oracle Eloqua service level agreement.

Oracle Eloqua Service Level Agreement in Brief

The Oracle Eloqua service level agreement (SLA) outlines the company`s commitment to its clients, ensuring that they receive the highest level of service and support from the marketing automation platform. The agreement focuses on three key areas:

Availability – Eloqua guarantees high levels of uptime to ensure that its clients` marketing campaigns run smoothly.

Support – Oracle Eloqua provides top-notch customer service through its phone and online support channels.

Performance – Eloqua continually monitors its platform`s performance to improve the user experience and ensure that clients can access all of the features they need.

Key Elements of the Oracle Eloqua Service Level Agreement

Here are some of the key features that distinguish the Oracle Eloqua service level agreement:


Eloqua guarantees 99.5% uptime for its platform. In the event of an outage, Eloqua provides a detailed incident report within two business days, outlining the cause and steps taken to resolve the issue.


Oracle Eloqua provides 24/7 phone support to its clients. The support team consists of highly skilled customer service representatives who can assist with any questions clients may have regarding the platform.


Eloqua monitors its platform`s performance round-the-clock and employs stringent security measures to protect client data. The company provides regular updates to clients regarding performance improvements and new features to enhance the user experience.


Oracle Eloqua`s service level agreement is among the best in the marketing automation industry. From high availability to dedicated support and excellent performance, the agreement guarantees that clients receive the best possible service. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Eloqua goes above and beyond to ensure that clients can achieve their marketing goals with confidence.